Exploiting genetics and genomics for improvement of animal health

We enhance health and sustainable production by identifying the genetics behind diseases and production traits.

Our research is focused on a generation of novel information on genetic components that can be applied to improve animal and human health and support sustainable animal breeding. We have a longstanding interest in studies of host-pathogen interaction, comparative genomics, molecular pathology, and development of animal models for human diseases.

We establish novel information within the area of genetics and genomics that contribute to generation of novel basic biological insight in mammalian genome organization and function. We interact with veterinary clinics and breeding organizations and prioritize translational projects, which benefit production and companion animals as well as the human genetic field. Therefore we are able to deliver truly research based teaching, that is continuously improved and updated with the newest developments within the field of genetics and genomics. 

Contact: Professor Merete Fredholm, Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences.