23 September 2022

VetSchool – positive assessment at the EAEVE revisitation

On Wednesday afternoon (21 September ), Antti Sukura and Pierre Lekeux from the EAEVE presented the conclusions from their two-days re-accreditation visit to the VetSchool.

​In meetings with management, employees and students, they had followed up on whether VetSchool had corrected the deficiencies in relation to the EAEVE standards, which resulted in VetSchool receiving a "conditional accreditation" in 2021. 

And the conclusion was very positive: Our VetSchool is in the process of - or has - corrected all deficiencies found by the EAEVE in 2021. This implies that we are on track to return to our status as a fully accredited veterinary school; we will have the final decision for this after 13 December , when the European Committee of Veterinary Education (ECOVE) evaluates the team's report. 

Until then, we will focus on having the draft strategy in hearing for the final approval in November.​​