7 November 2018

International courses build strong relations


For more than two years Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences has offered a number of training courses for professionals in China, Vietnam, Mexico, Colombia and Kenya.

The course partipants come from institutions taking part in the Strategic Sector Cooperation on food safety. This programme is a collaboration between the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, Danida Fellowship Centre (DFC) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

After the first two years of courses in “Safe Pig Production from Farm to Fork", “Microbial Food Quality and Safety - analytical methods" and “One Health” it is time to hear what the students and the tutors have to say. About the contents, about the value of the course and does it make sense at all.

Hear the participants giving their views on why it matters and how they benefit from the programme.

Professor Anders Dalsgaard from section for Food Safety and Zoonoses, IVH, together with his colleagues has been working closely with DFC in designing and teaching at the courses. For further information you may contact: Anders Dalsgaard (adal@sund.ku.dk)