3. oktober 2017

The Animal Welfare Conference in Copenhagen

On October 3, Hans Henrik Dietz, School Director of the Vetschool welcomed a crowd of about 280 participants at the beginning of a 2 day Animal Welfare Conference.

Day 1 was hosted by Danish Center for Animal Welfare (DCAW) and focused on how animal welfare is perceived by farmers and consumers as well as specific animal welfare schemes and initiatives both from governments (Danish and German welfare labelling) and industry (Welfur). The way in which these schemes and initiatives may give added value to the product, as well as increased welfare will be addressed. There was a good debate in the auditorium during the day.

Day 2 was hosted by NordCAW and focused mainly on the application of animal-based welfare indicators  in animal welfare assessment and if animal-based indicators can be implemented in legislation. Both practical and legal aspects will be covered, as well as the concerns of the citizens and consumers.