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Master of Laboratory Animal Science

This post-experience programme provides you with the competences needed to handle issues related to the health and welfare of the laboratory animals and to manage the human, animal and physical resources of the facility.

The subject of this programme is the welfare of laboratory animals, advanced techniques on laboratory animals, legal and ethical aspects and management and development of a laboratory animal facility.

The academic level of this programme is equal to the level of a M.Sc. and the language of instruction is English.

International requirements

The MLAS programme meets the requirements of the European Convention for the Protection of Vertebrate Animals used for Experimental and other Scientific Purposes, ETS no. 123, which states that a laboratory animal facility must have a specialist – a competent person – who is responsible for the health and welfare of the animals. The convention was ratified by Denmark in 2000.

Furthermore the programme meets the requirements of "a competent person" described in the Guidelines for Education of Specialists in Laboratory Animal Science, category D". These guidelines are developed by The Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations (FELASA), in order to define the "competent person" referred to in the European Convention ETS no. 123.

For persons holding an MSc in veterinary medicine this programme can form the basis for the ECLAM diploma certificate.

Duration of the Programme

The programme is a part-time programme that can be attended along with work. Duration of the programme is 60 ECTS points (one year of full time study) structured in modules and courses as a part-time programme, which can be completed within two to six years.

You can participate in single modules and courses if qualified without being admitted to the whole programme.

Tuition fee

The tuition fee for the whole programme is approximately DKK 112,000. The prices mentioned are for EU/EEA citizens and other citizens with a permanent residence permit in Denmark. Non-EU/EEA citizens will have to pay an extra fee of DKK 940 per ECTS credit for courses (from 16 september 2011). The prices are regulated every year.

Terms of payment: The course fee covers the lectures, the ordinary examination and if needed the following re-examination. If one more examination is needed, the course fee must be paid again. You must expect expenses to books and other material beside the tuition fee. Expenses to food and overnight stay are not included in the fee. There are no scholarships or grants available for the programme.

Module 1:

LFKM10173 - Laboratory Animal Maintenance, Breeding and Biology: DKK 15,800
LFKM10179 - Laboratory Animal Pathology and Health: DKK 9,300

Module 2:

LFKM10354 - Ethics and Legislation in Relation to Laboratory Animals: DKK 14,200
LFKM10177 - Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia and experimental Surgery: DKK 17,400

Module 3:

LFKM10168 - Design and Evaluation of Animal Experiments: DKK 8,100
LFKM10185 - Animal Models in Research: DKK 9,000

Module 4 - elective courses:

LFKM10356 - In Vivo Pharmacology: DKK 13,000
LFKA10186 - Applied Toxicology: DKK 12,900
LFKM10355 - Microsurgery: DKK 12,800

Master's Project: DKK 13,700

Information and counselling

If you have further questions, please contact head of the programme, Professor Axel Kornerup Hansen, Department of Veterinary Disease Biology: or

Lone Lundgaard Jensen

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

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