23 November 2018

Production, Nutrition and Health - students' projects

MSc Projects

We are a mulitidisciplinary research team from departments of Veterinary and Animal Sciences and Food Science, and we are looking for students to work with us on the differences of protein and fat between milk and non-dairy alternatives.

The project will increase your laboratory skills and give you scientific methodological approach training. You will learn what is behind the labelling of milk and non-dairy beverages and your results may be included in a scientific publication.

This study is unique. It will give you an opportunity to understand the food chain from both perspectives: Primary production (animal and plant sciences) and the nutritional quality of the final product (food sciences).If you think this sounds interesting please contact us for more information.

Einar Vargas-Bello-Pérez, evergasb@sund.ku.dk

Suggestions for bachelor projects for both veterinary and animal science students:

  1. Milk metabolomics and its use in cow´s health and welfare
  2. Rumen metabolomics and its use in cow´s health and welfare
  3. Cow´s diet and its relation on milk and cheese nutritional characteristics
  4. Milk fatty acids as possible biomarkers to early diagnose metabolic problems in early lactation