11 April 2017


Confronted with a poorly performing horse, equine veterinarians must have expertise in diagnosis and treatment of both upper and lower airways diseases. The World Equine Airways Symposium (WEAS) is the only meeting where one can learn about the airways from nose to alveolus at one go!

WEAS is held every four years in order to advance the health and welfare of horses worldwide. Disorders of the equine respiratory system are a major cause of reduced athletic performance. A critical understanding of the pathogenesis, advances in the treatment and implementation of strategies to prevent these respiratory disorders can only be achieved through carefully-conducted scientific investigations. We offer you the opportunity to attend this exceptional symposium. The venue will be the stunning Langelinie Pavillonen in the center of Copenhagen.

Clinical and fundamental information will be presented by international experts. This will be supplemented by oral and poster abstracts describing the latest clinical and basic research.

Speakers will include recognized leaders in human and equine respiratory medicine and surgery. The sessions will cover topics including:

  •  Equine Asthma
  •  Upper Airway Diagnosis
  •  Chronic Airway Inflammation: Diagnosis and Management
  •  Infectious Respiratory Disease
  •  Exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage
  •  Equine Asthma Fundamentals
  •  Sinuses and Guttural Pouch
  •  Laryngeal problems
  •  Triggers to Airway Inflammation
  •  Nasopharyngeal Collapse
  •  Epiglottis and Soft Palate

As members of the local and international organizing committee of WEAS, we look forward to hosting you at this meeting.

Come to Copenhagen, Denmark and meet equine airway specialists from all over the world.

Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte of Denmark will be the Patron of World Equine Airway Symposium and will open the symposium on the 13 June.

Best regards,
Dorothy Ainsworth, Norm Ducharme, Julie Fjeldborg, Ed Robinson and Laurent Viel