22 August 2017


Welcome to the new bachelor and master students at the School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science 

As school director it is a pleasure to welcome all our new students to the University of Copenhagen. For many of you this is a dream come through – “yes I did make it to the university and I have been accepted at one of my top priorities.”

We know that you really want to make a difference – to help animals, to improve the lives for animals and man, to help preserve the planet, to secure safe and healthy food, to bring society forward. Passion in your study efforts will help you to achieve your goals.

We are also fully aware that you have been through a tough selection procedure and your enthusiasm is at a high level. During the next 5 – 6 years we will make sure that you benefit the most from the knowledge you have gained before entering the university. And we will keep you busy acquiring new knowledge, new ways of combining knowledge and new ways of cooperating. All of this aiming at a top-professional career after your university years.

Enjoy the university life, engage yourself in a variety of activities and take full advantage of all the educational offers ready for you.

Hans Henrik Dietz
School Director 

From the animal science study director there is a special welcome to all new bachelor and master students in animal science

“The University of Copenhagen is happy to welcome you as new students on the Animal Science bachelor or master programs. Animal Scientists work with all aspects of the use of animals for the benefit of humans. This may be as provider of income (production animals), for sports purposes (horses, dogs), for leisure and adventure (companion and zoo animals), and even to improve our understanding of the (patho)biology of health and disease in our own species (experimental animals).

In the Animal Science educations, you will acquire the knowledge needed to benefit from animals in a sustainable way. Any animal enterprise must be economically sustainable to survive. When taking animals into our custody, we need to consider that animals produce waste products that have a detrimental effect on the environment and we need to consider animal welfare in a given framework of ethics and public acceptance. Environmental and social sustainability are therefore issues equally important to consider. This requires that you have to acquire a wide portfolio of competencies, which in turn offers very diverse job opportunities later on.”

Mette Olaf Nielsen
Study Director, animal science 

Likewise the veterinary program study director has a special welcome to all the new bachelor and master students in veterinary medicine

“Welcome to the veterinary education, whether you are one of the 185 that has been admitted into the bachelor part to the education or the around 160 students that starts on the master part.

For all of you animal health and welfare is in focus, just as it is for all of us teaching and doing research at the School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, University of Copenhagen.

Many of you probably have a picture of yourselves as (future) equine, companion or production animal veterinarians treating animals and helping owners to improve animal welfare. Some of you may see yourself in a future research job investigating new veterinary clinical or biomedical possibilities and findings. Others again, may have a wish to fight epizootic and zoonotic diseases that constitute a threat to animals and humans. The veterinary program will offer you the knowledge and skills that are necessary to prepare you for these future job scenarios. Moreover, it will let you develop professional skills to collaborate with other professionals (including medical doctors) in order to solve veterinary health issues in animals, and human health challenges arising from animals.

During the study you will be challenged and sometimes probably even exhausted by the knowledge and skills that you’ll have to acquire and master before your final graduation. But at the same time you’ll be a part of a study environment at Frederiksberg Campus that is unique and very fulfilling. So, grab the knowledge and skills that are about to be presented to you, and enjoy and engage yourself with your fellow students in the many study and social activities that are offered to you.”

Peter Holm
Study Director, veterinary program