26 June 2017

First graduate from the Vet Schools post graduate program for designated laboratory animal veterinarians

A laboratory animal veterinarian from Singapore has been the first to graduate from the LabVet Europe post-graduate program run by the School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science at the University of Copenhagen.

The Labvet Europe program (http://labveteurope.ku.dk) aims at qualifying designated laboratory animal veterinarians to the level demanded by the 2010 EU directive on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes and the subsequent guidance paper. It is solely dedicated to those thousands of vets who work world-wide as designated laboratory animal veterinarians. The program is 100 % online and it is accredited by the Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations (FELASA). It is structured to offer knowledge and skills to be used in the daily work as a designated veterinarian.  It has a content equivalent to 30 ECTS, i.e. 1 semester of academic studies.

The candidate now graduated has only been enrolled into the program since August 2016, and during that period she has also graduated from University of Copenhagen’s FELASA accredited Laboratory Science Course, which is also partly online (http://abd-course.ku.dk).